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Uploading Files to Space

In Space, when you upload a file it is stored on distributed Space nodes (running on IPFS/Textile) that only you can access and decrypt. Aside from that first layer of storage, all files are backed up redundantly on Filecoin, a decentralized storage network.

Space allows you to:

  • Upload one or multiple files.
  • Upload folders / directories.
  • Create folders in Space to organize files.

Upload options

You can upload one or multiple files at once, or directly select directories to upload entire folders from your device to Space, using the "+ NEW" button on the top left of the application.

Drag and Drop

Instead of using the + dropdown menu, you can also drag and drop files and folders directly into Space.

File Details

Information and Actions

If you click a file in Space, an individual bar will appear on the right hand bar where you'll see the file details, current shared users, and have access to the preview and download buttons. Some of these actions are also available if you right click the file.


Some of Space's action are greyed out during the initial phase of the Beta, and will be added shortly.


In this details bar you can also find the file's IPFS hash. The IPFS hash represents the file's unique content identifier, as it is stored in the IPFS/Textile node. It represents its location by identifying its content, not its location.