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Email Not Available or Uses Different Sign in Method

Did you receive this error while trying to sign into your Space account? This can mean two things:

  • Option A: The email is invalid or not available.
  • Option B: The email is valid, but it has been registered with a different sign-in method than the one you are using/trying.

Option B: Email is valid, but Uses Different Sign in Method

Emails in Space are unique to all accounts, no matter how you choose to sign in (Twitter, Gmail, Email, etc.).

If you registered an account with automatic Twitter sign-in option, then the email associated to that Twitter account will be considered in-use, and you won't be able to create a new account using -for example- the Gmail sign-in option using that same address.

To avoid security risks, you can't sign into your account with a sign-in method that hasn't been configured yet.

This means that, that if you created a Space account using the Twitter sign-in button, and that Twitter account uses the email, you won't be able to use the Gmail sign-in button, or request an email magic link, unless it has been previously configured in your account's settings as a backup/extra sign in option.

This helps avoid scenarios such as:

  1. You sign-up using Twitter.
  2. An attacker gains access to the email linked to your Twitter.
  3. The attacker request a magic link, and accesses your account without needing your Twitter.

If you are certain this is the email you used to create your Space account, try recalling the sign-in method you originally used for it: Twitter, Gmail, Email, etc. And, once you are back inside your account, configure an additional sign-in option to avoid this trouble in the future.

Want to add a secondary sign-in option?

Read the following guide on how to add an alternative/backup sign in option to avoid these errors, and have an emergency way of accessing your account in the future.